Keeping our cool when the heat is on is what we do best – but even the chillest-of-the-chilled will need a little helping hand when the mercury is rocketing off the charts! 

And so, to complement your suitably skin quenching summer spritz's – all of which should hold a permanent residency in your plus ones – we’ve selected the additional summer survival essentials to keep you cool-as-a-cucumber around the clock, without breaking a sweat…

Peter Thomas Roth – Cucumber Gel Masque
We could sing the praises of facial masks until the cows come home! Don't believe us? Brace for it… An all-rounder that can take the heat out of sunburn, reduce redness and replenish complexions with its proverbial eyes shut, Peter Thomas Roth's crucial Cucumber Gel Masque is a champion in soothing superpowers thanks to vitamin-rich tropical extracts, chamomile and aloe. Mind you, we’re certainly not alone in our adoration, with one person purchasing a pot every single minute somewhere across the globe! Will you be the next?

Skyn Iceland – The Antidote Cooling Lotion
Alongside overdoing the sunbathing, stress is the evil source behind aged, dull, congested and dehydrated skin – as any skincare expert will tell you! So, to aid you in finding your chill on the daily (when darting around the Capital is inevitable, no, essential), we're advocating a slathering of Skyn Iceland's The Antidote Cooling Lotion first thing in the morning after cleansing to set the tone. Expect a refreshing sensation to follow, which will let you know that it's doing its job!

We don't think you're ready for this Jelly… (Actually, you definitely are!) The be-all-and-end-all for parched and unhappy strands and scalps – with a cooling and calming combination of peppermint, tea tree and spearmint oils, purifying binchotan charcoal, and strengthening biotin – as far as conditioners go, Briogeo's Scalp Revival Charcoal + Peppermint Oil Cooling Jelly Conditioner is utterly invaluable. It’s an indulgent jelly that smells good enough to eat… Just don't mistake it for your after-dinner pud!


Susanne Kaufmann – Leg and Vein Spray Cooling 
Prompting an immediate skin-cooling effect with yarrow, marigold and dandelion, while doubling up as a muscular relaxant (thanks to horse chestnut extract and sage oil) for the restless amongst us, Susanne Kaufmann's Leg and Vein Spray Cooling is the almighty anti-inflammatory hero. Soul-soothing with a send-you-to-sleep, aromatic blend of lavender, eucalyptus, rose and mint, a generous spritz will work wonders on both the mind and body.

Created with nature's finest 80% Damyang bamboo water, Tonymoly's Pure Eco Bamboo Cold Water Moist Cream provides pure hydration. Cool in nature with an abundance of minerals and amino acids, this gel-type cream instantly refreshes and satiates both sensitive and accidentally sunburnt skin. Slap it on (but not literally! Ouch.) with carefree abandon.