Going through life without the brakes on takes its toll, but carving a space for self-care can be difficult. As Michelle Roques-O’Neil, wellness guru and founder of Therapie Roques-O’Neil, will tell, it needs to be a regular, frequent and practical activity to make for a spirited you, filled with joie de vivre.

Self-care is essential for your soul and spirit to have a sense of wonder,” she says. “I know that when I don’t make time for myself I easily lose sight of the beauty that surrounds me, especially if it’s ordinary and urban. I can become rigid, irritable and switched off.” It’s this outlook – combined with 30 years of searching for spiritual health and wellness – that informs her aromatherapeutic healing range of essential oils, minerals and crystals, which are energised with reiki and spiritually blessed to restore a sense of balance and solace.

Pure and potent, comprised of lavender, Bois de Rose and other precious oils, these are products tailored to easing stress, boosting immunity, detoxing from a digital overload and more. Sometimes, we need a nudge to remind us to disconnect from our external demands, the relentless hamster wheel of life, if we are to enjoy moments of calm and reflection.

As Michelle explains, “I created the range for busy people – but more specifically for those who are feeling disenchanted by life, which is often caused through stress and overextension. Essential oil can really enhance your relaxation both mentally and physically and the Therapie Rouqes O'Neil combinations are divided into immediate applications and those that require more time to enjoy." 

A deep inhale proves the ultimate antidote – so taking a leaf out of Michelle's book, fill the lungs with aromatic synergies to stress less and live more.

Make “me time” your mantra, revive the spirit and shop the mindful range here:

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