Those of us blessed with the curl has at one (or many) points lamented the frizz, dryness and general tangled mess that pervades our natural kinks. Straight-hair was an object of envy and just looked so easy. We saw our curls as a problem to fix – some tried Argan oil, some straightened their curls away, and others tried more permanent iron-rod methods. But thankfully, those quick fixes (read: expensive and damaging) are declining in favour of embracing our natural hair shape for all its twists and turns. Going against your genetic grain is tiring, so we're embracing the curl.

The remedy to unruliness isn’t to force it away, but to enhance it with the right products. The result? Feeling much more like your best self. It’s a process but trust us, it’s worth it. If you’ve just started letting out your curls or you want to try something new, here are some recommendations that are tried and true with our curly-haired Because staff.

Caroline Issa, Editor-In-Chief
I seem to always tie my curly hair back as my fallback, as I've never been able to tame the frizz, keep the curl shape AND make the volume manageable. I'm lucky that George Northwood cuts my hair, and recently I chopped off about 5 inches for a cut that embraces the curl. Someone recommended I try the Sacha Juan curl range, it's shampoo and conditioner created to help define and nourish our normally dry curls, and not only does its delicious fragrance make me happy, but I'm finally wearing my hair down again and leaving the curl alone (with the help of the Sacha Juan serum too!) George cut into my hair, so as to take out the crazy volume and not weigh down my now shoulder length hair, but also allow the curls to spring up at natural rhythms. It's a start, but I'm trying!

Carmen Bellot, Fashion Assistant
Due to many childhood pics, where a lump of triangular frizz has been an unwelcome accompaniment to my look - and not in an eclectic Grace Coddington way - I've always been heavily invested in curl-suitable haircare. From serums to mousses, I’ve tried it all, and despite the assumption caused by being a part of this feature, I’ve actually found an effective routine. While I now can get my curls forming to look like how I want them to, my dilemma lies in trying to keep them this way after my head hits the pillow. The antidote, which leaves you with soft, frizz-free curls without any post-sleep maintenance, comes from Antidote Street, and their silk pillowcase named, Amara. The simple adjustment from cotton to silk, prevents any unwanted friction between hair and pillow while you sleep, meaning my second-day curl looks just as it did the day before. Thank you, Amara.

Shop the Amara Silk Pillowcase at

Nasreen Osman, Fashion Intern
Every time I use the Davines Curl Building serum, my curls stay defined without the stiff, crunchy effect that other creams give. It’s rare, but when I can force myself out of bed half an hour earlier, it works perfectly with my diffuser, but also gets the job done on lazy days when I let my hair dry naturally. The texture is also quite lightweight so you can easily use it for a quick touch up throughout the day. I use it on the daily so I’m already on my second bottle!

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