Turmeric, cinnamon, rosemary and nutmeg were once kitchen cupboard dwellers – but, oh how times have changed!

Our favourite seasonings have now migrated into beauty cabinets – and they’re working hard in our daily regimes. From your three-step cleanse, tone and moisturise regulars to a nourishing mask and lip balm, meet the beauty heroes hot on our list for adding some spice to our routines.

Pepper up your cleansing routine with an oil-based potion of turmeric and rosemary to minimise pores and soothe tired skin. Kahina have perfected their nourishing formula with calendula to dissolve makeup, sunscreen and any other pesky skin impurities (be gone, bacteria!), whilst neroli and geranium extracts allow you to indulge in a rich herbal aroma. Slick the oil onto dry skin with a massaging motion for deep penetration and wait a minute before washing away residue with a splash of water.

Skincare with added seasoning… The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom does just what it says on the tub. An agony aunt for your complexion, this mask uses an innovative powder-to-mousse formula to purify your skin and preserve that youthful glow. The secret? A fusion of fortifying spices, all there to boost your beauty on a weekly basis. Lindstrom is whispered by other beauty gurus as their go-to balm and mask maker, so we've been listening intently!

A stimulating elixir both distilled and bottled in the spice-capital of India, Uma present to you a toner like no other. Packing a punch in the breakout department, this luxurious blend is your new best friend for fighting spots. Cinnamon builds an eczema-free environment, as antiseptic tea tree and turmeric fight areas prone to oil overproduction, with regular usage.

Powders, oils and now luxurious lotions: The Verso Day Cream is a revolutionary step for spices as they plunge into cream-based territory. Melding turmeric and niacinamide, the cream works to raise collagen levels in the skin to leave you smooth as silk. If you complain of drab and tired skin, the word on the street is that this day cream is your antidote to the dullness.

Here at Because HQ we love a cup (or five!) of chai tea, but we love smooth and supple lips even more! Hurraw Balm are championing the anti-chap front with their cruelty-free chai balm. Sourced from an ethical origin, this silky stick glides on like a dream. Not too sticky but perfectly practical, the lip rescuer contains cinnamon, cardamom and jojoba oil to give your kisses a zesty kick and ensure smooth application of any lipstick thereafter.

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