Along with ‘quarantini’ and ‘unprecedented times’, ‘wash your hands’ has been one of the most uttered phrases during lockdown. Something so regular within our pre-covid lives has now become an easy way of defending ourselves against this virus, and as your wash concludes with the final lines of ‘Happy Birthday’, our minds can be at ease that our hands are corona-free. 

With society slowly returning to its regular pace, the possibilities of picking up germs during our day increases, meaning we’re in need of a trusty accomplice to fit off any unwanted bacteria. Brace the world with this selection of hand sanitisers in your pocket – and these hand moisturisers to stop those palms feeling parched – as we enter our new normal.

Earl Of East
The beloved East London candle aficionados are helping the coronavirus crisis by producing freshly scented hand sanitiser that cleans hands and alleviates angst. Made with a trio of essential oils; peppermint acts as a natural disinfectant whilst lavender and clary sage are known to relieve anxiety, all packaged within a glass bottle that can be repurposed.

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Augustinus Bader
This accumulation of honey, white peony extract and vitamin E makes the wondrous answer to dry and chapped hands. Augustinus Bader – who coined the Trigger Factor Complex that creates the optimal environment for the body’s innate processes of repair and renewal – have brought together these ingredients in a luxuriously rich, but equally absorbent hand cream.

Named a rinse-free hand wash, this sanitiser has all the punch of a, well, hand wash without the faff of having to rinse it off. An alcohol based formula, (which thankfully doesn’t come with said scent) filled with notes of citrus, wood and herbs. This perfectly pocket sized option is as simple but effective as the brand’s iconic aesthetic. 

This hand cream is as caring to your hands as it is to our NHS staff. With every purchase, Nursem donates a month's worth of free Nursem products to a nurse or midwife, and if you purchase via Space NK, they'll double the Nursem promise; for every Nursem product sold at Space NK, two nurses or midwives will receive a month's worth of free Nursem products. So get shopping!

Susanne Kauffman
If you’re fearful of dry hands from continual use of hand sanitiser, this is the option for you. Containing a cocktail of arnica, vitamin B and silk proteins, this blend actively moisturises as it cleans your hands. One spitz and the germs are gone.

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