A full makeup routine may not be on our to-do lists at the moment, but a little bit of greasepaint won’t go amiss on your work video calls. Glancing at your reflection on Zoom can be a lot less vexing when you’re looking at a naturally glowing complexion, and for days when anxiety is taking over, a painted face can be a menial, but instant, pick-me-up. 

Even if the seeming weight of effort is still hampering you from picking up your makeup brushes, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite cosmetic champions that are as nourishing to your skin as they are at enhancing your appearance. Because if we’re going to go to the effort of painting our au naturel face, we should do so with the intent of enhancing it, rather than hiding it.

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40
A serum, SPF and foundation in one, the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint is your go-to for nourishing coverage with minimal undertaking. Packed with a blend of Hyaluronic Acids, plant-based Squalane and Niacinamide, a swipe of this will leave your skin looking smoother with noticeably less imperfections, even before it dries down and sets. You may think SPF isn’t necessary while we’re locked indoors, but the non-nano zinc oxide within the formulation protects against blue light and infrared as well as sun damage – yes, spending too long at your computer screen can age you. All of this and with a glow-from-within, light-coverage; it’s the answer your lifeless complexion has been looking for.

BYBI Babe Balm Bronze
It can be a struggle to get the glow goin’ when you’ve got dry skin: no one wants to highlight – both beauty product AND accentuation – an area of flaky skin. Sustainable beauty purveyors, BYBI have created a hybrid of one of their star products as the solution. We love the brand because any purchase from their website will arrive with a ReBYBI return label, which means you can send them your empty and used packaging for them to recycle.  Babe Balm Bronze uses shea butter, calendula and co-enzyme Q10 – the components found in their original Babe Balm – and combines them with sustainably sourced bronze mica powder to give a shimmering golden glow. Simply tap onto cheekbones or eyelids to nourish and glow-up parched skin.

Kjaer Weis × Caroline Issa Lipstick
Pre-Covid and during, the quickest way of tying your makeup look (or even a bare face) together is with a red lip. Say goodbye to your chalky matte lipstick and invite this moisturising maquillage, doused in almond oil and Rosa Rubiginosa into your makeup stash. The collaboration between Kjaer Weis and our Editor-In-Chief, Caroline Issa is also available as a refill, and with 25% of the sales going to Women for Women International, this lipstick leaves a positive impact on the world as well as on your lips.

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