Japanese culture has been something I've admired from afar for quite some time; their cuisine, (there needs no explanation as to why), their polite manner and adoration for karaoke have always been inline with my taste and choices. So, it seemed only natural that when I heard on the grapevine (that being one of our new Because live streams) of this new East Asian, confectionary-inspired face mask quicker than you can say kampai!

Deriving from the iconic Japanese beauty brand, Shiseido, this Sakura Mochi Mask arrived looking more like a pot of instant noodles than a face mask. A self proclaimed DIY product, I quickly realised that said packaging was the container for making the concoction, and decided it was best – unlike other past ‘I spent a week with’ attempts – to follow the instructions.

If you were expecting some sort of conventional face mask that had the scent of Sakura Mochi – a sweet treat made to celebrate the sakura blossom – then you’d be in for a surprise. Mixing sachet one and two with the accompanying spatula will quickly create a ball of squiginess, very much like the texture of mochi itself. Cherry blossom and strangely the smell of the Western sweet Millions can be sniffed as soon as the composing parts are brought together, and to be honest, if you were unbeknownst to its original purpose it could easily be mistaken for something edible. The next step was to separate the mochi, apply one section to your cheek, squish into place and wait five minutes for it to do its magic. This is where I started to question my choices.

As the texture is malleable, you can spread the mask, to some extent, over the majority of your cheek. If you have a large head like mine, you won’t be able to spread it anywhere else. One serving equated to a pampering session for both of my cheeks, but sadly no where else on my face. You also have to be aware that it will only stick onto your face if its warm, so time is of the essence. And thirdly, it’s the weirdest substance to have on your face. God forbid the doorbell ringing if you’ve got this on, as it’ll leave an unexpected viewer with more trauma than the Halloween effect that a sheet mask gives.

Thankfully, you only have to last five minutes with this on your face, and the results are wonderfully noticeable. After slowly peeling the mochi off, I had two glowing, slightly rosy cheeks. All in all, this isn’t going to be part of your weekly skincare routine: a £10 price mark isn’t financially worth it when it doesn’t even cover your full face. But, the joy I felt making this mask is enough for me to want to try it again, even just as a mochi mid-week treat. 

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