It's a privilege to have picked up new habits over lockdown. Live, online workouts from DEFINE London have helped keep the sourdough handles at bay (sort of), and virtual museum tours are keeping our culture fix satiated.

New beauty rituals, too, have been adopted. Whether trimming our own hair with the help of a virtual stylist, or enduring bee-venom based face masques, time has meant picking up new habits and trying new things.

So we'll admit that moisturising our bodies, rather than just our face, has been... well, an indulgence. Winter skin and the dry, British air usually warranted a quick slap on of the extra face moisturiser we've slathered on our hands and need to get rid of. But summer body moisturising? That's cherry-on-top-of-the-cake territory. We know, we know, our skin is our largest organ and the first to show signs of ageing, yet we keep forgetting about it, focusing mostly on our face, neck and chest areas instead. But when faced with the challenge of regularly moisturising the rest of our body, it took two new body lotions before we thought it truly worthy to spend a bit more time.

First up, Augustinus Bader's The Body Cream. He of "revolutionary science, biological wisdom" and a new cult favourite in skincare, Professor Augustinus Bader was developing wound and burn treatments, and the technology to aid healing and repair of the skin could be used in non-medical, cosmetic ways too... and so was born the identifiable cobalt blue packaging and skincare range.

The Body Cream boasts the ingredient "TFC8" (it even has the call out that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this should not be used unless under the supervision of a healthcare professional!) According to Cult Beauty, "The {Augustinus Bader} products are formulated with a patented, high-tech complex of 40 different molecules. It’s called TFC8 - short for 'Trigger Factor Complex 8'." All we know is that the cream is rich and moussey of texture, requires a good deal of massaging into the skin and leaves it feeling like it's drunk a large, tall glass of water after being parched for 7 days. Result.

Cosmetic physician and scientist who uses molecular medicine as the basis for her skincare and supplement range, Dr. Barbara Sturm is the celebrity go-to for natural, healthy looking skin. In her new Body lotion, its texture is light and melds into the skin like water to leave springy, moisturised skin revitalised from its ash-y beginnings. Could it be the pure glacier water it contains, or the extracts of indian almond and elderberry blossom that are meant to firm and tighten up the skin? Purslane, the key active ingredient her range uses, is rich in anti-oxidants too. The combination surely of all of the above, plus its handy pump mechanism which wins us over for ease of use, definitely results in skin we can't stop stroking ourselves.

So is the luxury price tag worth it? The results are instantaneous and repeated use, with a few extra minutes to moisturise elbows, legs, knees and ankles becoming more of a habit, means we're feeling supple and glowing. It's a thumbs up (well moisturised, of course) from us.

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