This isn't our first rodeo when it comes to combining kitchen ingredients within our skincare. Last year saw the rise of our favourite Christmas condiment to help battle winter skin, and we've previously looked to our cup of Joe to brighten our complexion as well as our morning moods, but it seems for 2020, mushrooms are next up on the skincare roster

Whilst it may come as yet another surprise that's happened this year, the power of mushrooms have always been relied on in different cultural practices, in particular, within traditional Chinese medicine. Whilst this is newly explored territory for those in the West, dermatologists and beauty-addicts alike are now worshipping at the altar of fungi for their capacity to both protect and brighten the skin. The potency of this humble ingredient is down to its high concentrations of antioxidants and Vitamin D, which help to protect skin from the free radicals caused by pollution, and support the skin’s immune system. If that’s not enough, aesthetically, you'll be able to see their brightening effects ASAP, as mushrooms help to reduce melanin production around dark spots.

Unsure as to whether you should be incorporating the heroic snow mushroom or an exotic shiitake? Well, we’ve curated the best products to help you shroom-ify your routine, and reap the maximum benefits from this ingredient.

Begin your routine by cleansing with this Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel by Dr Dennis Gross. This cleanser harnesses the scientific power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids to clear away dirt on the skin and tighten the pores, whilst using snow mushroom extract, which has been hailed ‘nature’s sponge’ for its capacity to hold water under the epidermis. This combination allows the hydrating ingredients to deliver moisture deep into the skin, leaving it refined and bouncy.

Serums are an essential part of every beauty regime, and much like the aforementioned, this Water Serum from VOLITION contains snow mushroom. Also combined with a cocktail of antioxidants, the finishing result makes it one of our favourite products for quenching and reinforcing the skin.

Follow with this Waso Fresh Jelly Lotion from Shiseido, which incorporates white jelly mushroom. A favourite in Japan for acting as ‘food’ to the skin, this mushroom concoction will leave your skin plump and with everything it needs for repair. The light gel-formula infuses the ingredients deeply into the skin, leaving a dewy finish for both morning and night. 

To complete your routine, finish with this Snow Mushroom Moisturiser from The Inkey List. Known for the simplicity of their ingredients and the accessibility of the science behind their products – we've recently become acquainted/obsessed with their new haircare serums – the Inkey List have selected snow mushroom for its similarity to hyaluronic acid. With bonus anti-inflammatory properties, this moisturiser is the perfect way to seal in the hydration of your routine, and works optimally as a skincare step before bed.

Mushrooms needn't be applied topically to have a lasting skincare effect. A serving of The Super Elixir supplement from WelleCo in your morning glass of water is an effortless step towards brighter skin and inflammation reduction. It’s the shiitake mushroom extracts within its blend which have us lusting – goji berries, turmeric and green tea are thrown in there as well to aid the process – for its continuous boost of the skin’s natural elasticity.

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