What… Luneia’s Radiance Ritual Mask

Why… Because this new mask means you never have to choose between ethical beauty and getting your glow on.

From pollution to sunscreen, from coffee to stress, modern life presents a plethora of ways to drain the radiance from our skin. Environmental factors can often leave our skin feeling dry, drab, and as dull as our lockdown social lives once were.

As the weather begins to get a bit brighter, we need our skin to follow suit. Enter Luneia, a company that seeks to answer the current call for beauty products to pack a punch whilst committing to ethical and sustainable ethos. This week, we’re championing Luneia’s Radiance Ritual Mask, for its powerful formulation and dedication to skin health. With high concentrations of all the skin heroes, such as Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Plant-derived Squalene and Vitamin E, the mask deeply hydrates the skin, leaving a smoother and brighter surface.

A combination of AHA’s and BHA’s creates an exfoliating effect which combats dead skin and blocked pores to awaken a naturally glowing complexion. The formula is fragrance-free to reduce irritation, leaving skin with a calm yet coruscating complexion. The mask can be used when needed, or worked regularly into your routine; apply to cleansed skin, leave for 10-15 mins, and rinse away with the Luneia muslin cloth, which accompanies your purchase.

In a survey, Luneia found that 56% of us are actively looking to adjust our beauty regimes to be more sustainably-minded, and as a result, Luneia are environmentally conscious from product to packaging. Their vegan and cruelty-free formulas are packaged in post-consumer plastic, which is made of the plastic waste that typically ends up in our oceans which is then recycled into a reusable product. If that’s not enough, their muslin clothes are woven from sustainable cotton, and the cartons are created using wastage from sustainable forest practices.

From the high-performance product to the guilt-free consumption, Luneia is our top pic this week for a beauty pick-me-up.

Shop the Luneia Radiance Ritual Mask here.

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