Ever caught yourself looking at a child's eyelashes and wishing yours had the curl, bounce and youthfulness that theirs have? I've tried to recreate it for such a long time with my own, as I have long, extremely straight, stubborn lashes that are often subject to trialing new mascaras when they come onto the market.

My morning ritual would be to curl my lashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, add some fine lashing of mascara to the root, let it dry, then another few pumps to try to establish some curl and to open my almond shaped eyes. Then one day, I was getting my monthly wax, and as I sat waiting in reception, I read on their menu, LVL LASHLIFT. I enquired at reception and once they had explained what it was, I quickly booked a slot to try it.

From that day onwards, I was hooked! Every 6-8 weeks, I would have my lashes curled and boosted with colour and depth, which meant I really didn’t need to use curler or mascara anymore. That was until Covid-19 struck, and I was due to have my lash lift the day lockdown was announced.

So as I watched my lashes droop day by day, I began to do some research and thought, why don’t I order a LVL lash lift kit myself and attempt to do it at home, whats the worst that can happen? Over curl and end up looking like Bambi (this once happened at one bad salon I tried) or I get the lotion in my eyes (a risk to be taken seriously), but each and every scenario was overrun with the worry that I could be waiting for salons to reopen for a long time. So I pressed buy on Amazon and the next day my kit arrived.

The kit is very comprehensive and simple, the guide lists out what to do, timings, and what each item does. It also states you'll need some cottons pads and dry mascara wands. Remember to do a patch test! I always do one with each new product I try, simply put a swab behind your ear and regularly check to see if there are any reactions. I had nothing, so I was good to go the next day.

Firstly, find a spot in the house that receives good day light and place a free standing mirror in front of you. Make sure the eye area is completely clean, including lashes.

Apply the fixing gel onto lash lift then place the rubber curling matt to eyelid. The kit has different sizes, so you need to work out from the length of your lashes and eye-shape, which one to go for .

Once its attached, apply some fixing adhesive along the rubber curve and slowly brush each hair so its held in place.

Then apply the lifting lotion to the root of the lashes and brush upwards. Leave for 6-8 minutes – leave for 8 minutes for stubborn lashes that won't budge.

Next, I used some damp cotton buds and gently removed the lotion, being careful not to get the lashes unstuck.

Once clean, apply the setting lotion, in the same manner to the root of the lashes brushing through, but make sure to never take it to the end of lashes!

Leave for 6-8 minutes again, then wash this off with damp cotton buds.

Then apply the black dye, brushing  it over the lashes. I also gently apply some to lower lashes, being super careful to only gently touch each lash so it looks natural still.

Leave for 10 minutes, then gently loosen the lashes away from the rubber curling mat with damp cotton pads and buds.

Remove any excess product that may have fallen onto your eyelid with a damp cotton bud, then brush through the lashes with a dry mascara wand and let them dry naturally.

Et voilà! Beautifully lifted lashes done at home!

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