Set the scene and bring the outside world to you – be that in the form of sitting out on the balcony, placing more and more potted plants around the house or simply setting your desktop background to a serene forest view. We're here for it. As we try to soak up every bit of sunshine in our limited outings, I, for one, am looking to every method of bringing nature back into my life; and we've found one way that doesn't involve pulling out flowers and taking an obscene amount of photos of the cherry blossom trees, all in the form of lush dark green packaging.

Seed to Skin is the natural skincare brand drawing its power from nature and marries together science, farming and luxury. Based in Tuscany, Italy, the brand is true to its name with ingredients taken straight from the soil on their expansive farm at Borgo San Pietro before making its way to the onsite lab where only the best and most effective qualities are extracted. Forget salad...think of each product as a whole life cycle of natural goodness being applied onto your skin and soaking in its rich nutrients.

Proprietor and brand founder Jeanette Throttrup takes us on a tour of the organic farms where all the essential oils (think Lavender, Bergamot and Neroli) in Seed to Skin are extracted:

Another essential oil, Melissa, formulated in The Divine Cleanse and known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, can be seen across rolling fields that seem to go on forever. 

A brand transparent and homegrown at every stage - from the plants to its extracted oils to on-site production - Jeanette shares that every product in Seed to Skin comes under the responsibility and the watchful eye of lab manager, Christina. 

The loud clamour of cult-like devotees of just how effective the skincare range is has convinced us that this lovingly produced collection just as lovingly restores the bounce back our skin needs.

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