Along with Zoom fatigue and Tik Tok, the term, blue light was loudly introduced into our lexicon from the first time we went into lockdown. With news coming from all angles about how damaging it can be for our skin, it quickly became the next skincare-scare within the beauty industry. But, is there so much to be worried about? “By far, the biggest ‘dose’ of blue light our skin is exposed to on a daily basis comes from the sun, as part of the natural visible light spectrum,” explains Dr. Stefanie Williams, dermatologist and medical director of Eudelo Skin Clinic, which means we shouldn't have much to worry about due to the UK's consistently grey winters, right? “However, blue light can also be emitted from electronic devices such as TVs, computers screens, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.” Uh oh.

With a recent study showing that we spend an average of 4,866 hours a year spent on our phones, laptops, and televisions because of lockdown, we can’t even hide from it by staying indoors. And it seems the hype around the effects on our skin was justified. “A study published by Rascalou et al. in May 2018 in the J Dermatol Sci., revealed molecular and cellular changes in human skin cells (dermal fibroblasts) exposed to artificial visible light, similar to the light emitted by electronic devices. The changes observed included mitochondrial damage (mitochondria are our cells’ ‘powerhouses’), impairment of cell growth, ATP (energy) release and collagen production. The authors conclude that this may impede normal cellular functions and may even contribute to premature skin ageing.”

As no one wants to add ‘looking older’ onto the list of wrongdoings the pandemic has caused, what can we do to avoid blue light damage? Dr. Stefanie suggests reducing our “exposure from electronic devices via blue light filters/shields. There are also certain apps that allow the screens of mobile devices to emit less blue light, on iPhone’s it can be done via the ‘Night’ setting,” as well as adding antioxidants into our skincare routines. “As many of the harmful effects of blue light are mediated via free radicals, topical antioxidants can help to protect the skin from blue light.”

To guide us as to what to buy that will protect our skin, we’ve asked a few of our trusted beauty brands to steer us in the right direction.

MZ Skin: Founder, Dr. Maryam Zamani
Reducing screen time is recommended to reduce exposure to blue light, however this is not always possible, so choosing skincare that will support the skin’s ability to regenerate and repair is crucial. Anti-Pollution Eye and Face Masks were specifically formulated to combat urban pollutants with ingredients that help repair the skin and enhance the anti-oxidant response to stressors like blue light. Replenish & Restore will support the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate during the night with phyto and ovine placenta, peptides and plant-based extracts.”

Shop the Anti-Pollution Eye Mask here, the Anti-Pollution Face Mask here, and the Replenish and Restore Night Recovery Mask here.

Chantecaille:Vice President of Research and Product Development, Marta Cammarano, PhD
“At Chantecaille we like to use a Fermented Extract from a radiation-resistant microorganism to fight blue light, as it's shown to help skin adapt to visible light, minimising the appearance of brown spots and wrinkles.  We also use a Nasturtium Flower Extract that revitalises skin asphyxiated by blue light overexposure and works to improve skin’s quality and radiance and Cocoa peptides extracted from Peruvian cacao proven to fight blue light induced mitochondrial oxidative stress.

Our Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum, a botanically-powered shield that uses both the Fermented Extract and the Nasturtium Flower Extract along with effective, cutting-edge naturals to hydrate and protect skin as you type, swipe, and scroll. Not only can the serum help shield your skin from indoor LED lighting, but it’s a good bet to wear with a daily sunscreen that protects against UV-A and UV-B rays. Another good choice is our Bio lifting Serum + that contains the blue light protecting Cocoa peptides along with the newest firming, sculpting, replumping and lifting ingredients.

Shop the Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum here, and the Bio Lifting Serum + here.

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