What... Lumene Nordic Hydra Hydration Recharge Overnight Cream

Why... Because it's packed with Nordic ingredients that work wonders on your skin.

We all know that a good amount of beauty sleep can transform your skin, but sometimes that just isn't enough. As a signifier of what's happening with your insides, it makes for a nearly instantaneous cue as to what's going on in your body – for instance, if you haven't been drinking those eight cups of water a day, it'll show. If you're guilty of said sentiment – which in all honesty, is the majority of us – then you're in need of some skincare heroes to have your visage plump and radiant. Hence, welcome Lumene's latest night cream to the soapbox, as their cocktail of Nordic ingredients will have you topically hydrated in no time

Utilising Northern Finland's wellness rituals, Lumene uses homegrown ingredients to achieve the healthy skin that oh so many Finnish women seem to possess. Their latest product on their roster, their Nordic Hydra Hydration Recharge Overnight Cream, is infused with Nordic superwaters which have been sustainably sourced from organic Nordic Birch Sap and pure Arctic Spring Water, to intensely hydrate, plump away fine lines and leave the skin with a smoother finish. This, mixed with Nordic oat xylitol and postbiotic fermented Nordic oats help reinforce the skins moisture barrier and maintain healthy, renewed looking skin. What else could we ask for?

Simply apply overnight and let the moisturiser do the work whilst you enjoy your slumber.

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