Have you ever been put off trying something new because of the misconceptions around it? To then find that your negative associations were false all along? Yes, we have too, and this feature is here to remove any pre-judgements, so you can try new things that may change your life for the better.

Whatever it may be, we'll do the investigative work to give you some peace of mind that your time isn't being wasted.

No beauty product seems to have more of a bad rep than natural deodorants. Whilst the organic and au natural beauty industry has boomed over the years, their chemical counterparts have always taken first place for their sweat-stopping capabilities. But now, there's a new selection on the block that are here to bust those myths out of your mindsets. We tried the deodorants from Fussy and Proverb to see if they can really be trusted.

They don't protect you from sweat and smelling.
I think we've all been under this illusion for quite some time, but it's time to get these thoughts out of our heads. After trialling both Fussy and Proverb respectively for weeks, we found that their abilities to stop bad odours and sweat were on par with a mainstream antiperspirant. Proverb also gives you the choice of picking between the regular and Active version of your chosen scent; the latter being for those who sweat more than your average joe. Either way, you're fully protected whichever you chose.

You need to apply a lot.
Both Fussy and Proverb are cream deodorants, meaning a swipe or two will suffice. Fussy is filled with Sunflower wax, coconut oil, shea butter as well as other skin soothing ingredients, and also contains a probiotic called Lactobacillus which eats sweat molecules (yum!). 

All deodorants will stain your clothes.
As is the way with antiperspirants, if you don't let you deodorant dry before you put clothes on, then it may leave a stain. But, as natural deodorants don't contain aluminium – which antiperspirants uses to block your sweat ducts so you can't perspire – you won't be left with non-budging yellow marks on the pits of your clothes. Result!

I can't use natural deodorants if I have sensitive skin.
Natural deodorants will usually contain bicarbonate soda for it's naturally deodorising properties, but as it's such a high alkaline ingredient, this can often cause sensitive skin to react with dryness and even a rash. Fussy and Proverb have done their best to prevent this: Fussy use a particularly fine grade of bicarbonate soda to avoid any reaction, and Proverb have several options that don't contain the substance at all. 

Shop Fussy here, and Proverb here.

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