You've probably heard us hark on about the arrival of the new season, whether it be because we're embracing the change of weather or for the influx of cultural activities that September brings. But most importantly, it's a reminder that the end of the year is almost nigh, and with that realisation comes the ultimate question: have I really achieved what I wanted to this year? 

Yes, we've spent a good part of it isolating within our homes, focussing on how to relearn the art of smalltalk rather than looking to get our lives in order. Variations of this question usually bear their heads around the beginning of January, but getting into this frame of mind before the year is done lowers the chances of failed New Year resolutions and subsequent disappointment in the future. And surprisingly, but much to our delight, a tool to kickstart this new chapter comes in the form of a perfume.

We can sense the feeling of confusion but hear us out. There's evidence that suggests that scent can be used as an apparatus for success – as explained by Dr. Tara Swart – and with the beauty of change being that it brings fresh perspectives, why not apply that sentiment to your daily fragrance? The association made between the "improved" you and the new addition to your eau du toilette collection could be the gentle push to get your ass into gear. Find below three scents that will be the perfect accompaniment to your motivated mindset, that obviously smell delicious too.

Boy Smells, Suede Pony
Known for their delicious candles that deconstruct the gender associations around scent, Boy Smells have now ventured into the world of perfumes, having recently launched five fragrances in the UK. As a natural next step for the brand – one of the few who've grown exponentially over the past year – each scent continues their ethos of combining uncommon ingredients to create completely unique and utterly modern aromas. Suede Pony consist of said material and hazelnut that sit on a palette of violet, golden amber and resinous labdanum, which when combined together can only be described as 'boss bitch' embodied in a smell. This is for those of whom are on a mission to work smarter not harder, and want to do so whilst looking and smelling fantastic. 

Aesop, Erémia
For Barnabé Fillion, Aesop's longterm fragrance collaborator, scent is just another form of storytelling. "Literature also helps me to visualise what I want to express in fragrance," he explains. "When you read a book, it creates an image in your mind, a place that is not real, but seems very real. This idea of Othertopias also happens with perfume." The latest additions to their perfume collection explores interstitual space, with Erémia highlighting the diversity of urban spaces. "The name Erémia plays on the concept of ‘Khôra’ in Greek philosophy. The word refers to a place outside the ancient city. This place was like a garden, a place in the periphery of the city from which you can look back on urban life. A place, then, to think about the city and the things you can do there," says Barnabé.  "I was fascinated by the idea of a garden that is not really a garden but contains the urban aspect and the idea of nature reclaiming itself amongst the concrete." This translates into notes of Galbanum, Patchouli and Iris, which "combine to confer powerful earthiness, dry woody accords and violet-like, waxy florals.​" Those who are looking to connect back to nature will be attracted to this scent, and there's no doubt that it'll induce mindful adventures. 

Jo Loves, Pomelo
Sometimes, it's a good idea to revert back to something once loved, as doing so can evoke new viewpoints. Case in point is Pomelo, one of the most loved scents from Jo Loves which is also celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The familiar scent of pink pomelo, vetiver and suede still remains, all that's changed is the sensual wisdom the brand has accumulated over the years. A spritz of this may bring you back to bygone days of yore, take it as a reminder of your growth and that there's still more to do.

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