What’s black and white and read all over? Hold the front page, as it’s the newly re-imagined Chanel Factory 5 collection! After 100 years of the fragrance being at the centre of the cultural landscape (think Warhol, Marilyn Monroe and more obsessed with the bottle and scent!), Chanel commemorates its centenary with a new take, unveiled last week online. 

With 17 limited-edition beauty products, in newly designed packaging inspired by ordinary objects of the everyday – think metal oil can, a paint bucket and even a tea tin - this is No. 5 as you’ve never seen it before, and probably never will again. Opting for a minimalist, b&w aesthetic as per the codes of the fragrance, the collection even contains a water bottle and shoe polish can filled with delightful new ways of applying the scent.

Selfridges has got the UK exclusive pop-up, which will only be open for one month, and on its first day open saw a line around the Oxford Street flagship. The corner pop-up hosts a robotic arm, ready to feather dust, write, fan or even magnify what Lawrence, the calligrapher (pictured) is ready to create to make your product bespoke. There’s also a series of talks in conjunction with Chanel and Selfridges, one in which our very own Caroline Issa will be hosting on July 21st, 2021 so be sure to check out the Selfridges website to get your ticket for that!

There’s beauty in the everyday decadence that Chanel No. 5 brings in these new objects, and we can’t wait to take out our shoe polish can at the lunch table for some confusion and delight! 

Shop all of the limited edition Chanel No. 5 items here