It's fascinating to think that, according to Wikipedia, the oldest known occurrence of houndstooth is the Gerum Cloak, a garment uncovered in a Swedish peat bog, dated to between 360 and 100 BC.  Fashion's adoption of the checkerboard print was made most iconic by Christian Dior's beloved and re-known signature tweed suits. Bad-boy genius Alexander McQueen took the classic pattern and Dior's most iconic pieces in it and paid reference to them in his Fall 2009 collection Horn of Plenty by making the houndstooth pattern oversized and bold in his own.

So it's fitting that Dior Beauty has released a limited edition collection of perfume and lipsticks stamped with the houndstooth graphic, whether on the lipstick cartridge itself, the punchy red creamy lipstick or the perfume bottle packaging and glass bottle itself!

You can shop the collection for yourself HERE