Can a perfume make you healthier and happier? Yes! Or so thinks Vyrao, a fragrance brand launched with a purpose to energize, provide healing and reconnection.

Yasmin  Sewell, Vyrao's founder and a
certified integrative quantum healer, worked in the fashion industry for a long time as a buyer and a brand consultant, until she realised that her passion for wellness, self-care, and alternative solution as it related to regulating energies could help others feel more content and better within themselves. 

Experts have long proven that scent and emotions have a strong connection. Our sense of smell is processed in the same part of the brain where memories are made and stored, so scent is triggering of the good (and yes, the bad) times and can be used to beneficially engage in positive moods and actions. Together with the star perfumer Lyn Harris, Sewell created 5 different scents that promise you all kinds of positive vibrations in and out of your body: 

Verdant - Transformation and Illumination 
Georgette - Self-Love
Magnetic - Attraction and Protection
Witch Woo - Courage and Creativity
Free OO - Liberation and sensuality 

But even if self-healing and inducing positive energies are not your vibe, these perfumes will still get you with their delicious fragrances and beautifully ombré glass bottles. They use organic, sugarcane alcohol, grown without pesticides and fertilisers. They are made up of 88-89% natural ingredients. Even the Vyrao packaging is created from 100% recycled and recyclable fibres. Lastly, they are vegan and cruelty-free. So there you have it. A scent for every vibration, made perfectly responsibly. Breathe in, and exhale. The future of scent is here.

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