For Lucia Pica's second launch, since inheriting the Byredo from Isamaya Ffrench in March last year, the make-up maverick has carved out a new image for the Swedish brand with her pared-back aesthetic that opts for a more elemental approach.

Drawing from the idea of everyday creativity, her love of colour and experimentation with texture has cemented her reputation in the industry and made her a public figure. From Armani to Chanel, where she was global creative make-up and colour designer for six years, Lucia has brought a level of refinement to the beauty products we use daily – with her attention to detail in formulation, playful use of colour and consideration of wearability. 

Her inaugural full collection, First Emotions was an ode to the colour red – rich in hues of deep rouge, rosebud and blush – personally, we’re big fans of the cult burgundy-tinted mascara, which can add an unexpected but welcome burst of colour to your everyday make-up look. 

To add to its already sleek offering, Byredo has launched a new 18-shade palette with the help of Lucia. Soft, creamy and lightweight in warm nudes, roses and browns that are at times cut through with a silvered shine, the palette blends effortlessly and glides across the face in a single statement stroke. 

Titled ‘Remembrance’ the palette takes its wearers on a journey with its rich pigment and long-lasting lustre, travelling from light to dark, through metallic and matte. Remembrance is housed in one of Byredo’s signature sculptural cases, designed by Ben Gorham, the brand’s founder and creative director. This time, the mirrored steel case depicts Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory and mother of the muses. This nod to both the past and future highlights the brand’s nostalgic but timeless ethos, which has firmly brought Byredo into our present since 2006.

“In the palette, there are still the flesh tones, the warmth of skin, the glistening moistness, the same sense of a person as in my other projects, but it is also about how the mind works. It is less in the moment and almost about the past and the future at once.” – Lucia Pica 

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By Augustine Hammond