Quite literally a rose between thorns, amidst the sensory overload of the perfume world. The rose was a scent adored in the ancient world by the goddesses of love Aphrodite and Venus, its fragrant bloom a symbol of ethereal beauty, passion and sensuality. The soft yet intense floral scent fell out of fashion to make way for modern notes; inoffensive wood notes, green, salty scents and vanilla- lots and lots of vanilla. Recently, the rose has rebloomed and is slowly becoming a TikTok favourite scent, giving the traditionally old-fashioned fragrance a new lease of life.

When TikTok got hold of Carolina Herrera’s Very Good Girl, a sweet, seductive rose hearted scent, Gen-zers fell in love with its versatility and boldness. Similar occurred with Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose, which sold out at The Fragrance Shop after its viral premiere. In recent years, we have seen a departure from the world of cedarwood and cleanliness, the revamp of the rose invites strong, luminous notes that transport the traditional essence into 2023.

This is what the nose Louise Turner achieved with her collaboration with Dries Van Noten, for their first beauty collection last Spring. Inspired by the colourful contradictions the house is famous for creating, our favourite fragrance, ‘Raving Rose’, disrupts the quintessential delicacy you expect with a rose fragrance and packs it with a peppercorn punch. The bottles are true collectibles, this one being a vibrant metallic red and bubblegum pink table-star, Dries Van Noten’s eaux de parfum is a bold introduction to the reinvented rose scent you’re going to be obsessed with. 

The perfume is available at driesvannoten.com