French girl makeup has endured every beauty trend. From cold-girl beauty versus hot-girl summer to every kind of brow shape, texture and tone (halo brows, we’re looking at you). In a recent urge to step away from revolving and evolving trends and develop a trusty staple collection, the hunt for the best French-style lip (that won’t fade in a flash) has never been more necessary.

Here at Because, we’ve done the tiring work for you with our favourite French red lipsticks that call for long-lasting chic.

Every season, we wait for the drop of Hermes' trendy trio of lip colours. With packaging designed by accessories designer Pierre Hardy, the Parisian luxury fashion house’s SS23 lipsticks invite you into the bright summer season with beach stripes and sultry shades. The colours, all refillable, are a varied selection of nudes including a shimmery coral, a copper-glinted hazel and a pink-toned beige.

Now, with a risk of being cliché, onto the reds. The ancient Sumerians crushed red rocks into a tinting red powder, homemade concoctions of deer tallow, castor oil, and beeswax were made in dire circumstances, and now the universal red lipstick found its signature notoriety in Paris and has been a chic essential associated with the city ever since.

The iconic Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick comes in six shades and classic, sleek packaging, making it a perfect product for your handbag. Equal parts matte and luminous, the versatility of Chanel’s paradoxical reds makes it one of our highly recommended!

Designed to suit all skin tones, Byredo’s limited edition lipstick in ‘transported’ does as its name promises. The Swedish luxury brand whisks you away to Paris with its effortlessly gliding full-coverage lipstick made from silica, waxes and bamboo.

If you have been on the beauty side of Instagram recently, you may already be well acquainted with our next choice. Isamaya Ffrench’s eye-popping red satin lipstick is just as bold on the inside as on the outside. Providing a slick, dense and comfortable finish, is a lustrous shade of red (although hard to explain why you have it in your handbag at first glance).

Gucci’s Rouge à Lèvres Mat come in a variety of intense shades, all presenting a long-lasting matte finish with rich pigment. Inspired by former creative director Alessandro Michele’s love affair with the gilded era of Hollywood, the range of red shades is certified to ramp up your glam.