Main image courtesy of Re:Mind Meditation Studio.
Words by Yulia Kovaleva.

Taking a sustainable and holistic approach to living and all that we do is really important to both Carla and I. When it comes to the studio and our brand mix, we make a conscious effort to seek out suppliers that go the extra mile to ensure that all their ingredients are sustainable and meet our standards for environmental impact.

To be wholeheartedly sustainable, a product needs to show that it has practiced a mindful process from the very beginning, including its source and materials used... It requires some digging! There’s a big zero-waste and package-free movement happening at the moment, but it’s never truly as it appears. A product may not be packed in plastic and can equally be vegan, however this doesn’t mean that it’s been sustainably put together. For example, a coffee shop might be pushing a plastic-free and reusable cup, but your coffee might have come into contact with plastic at some point of its creation – be it from how and where it was shipped or how it was harvested. 

Image courtesy of Re:Mind Meditation Studio.

What we’re trying to do is buy from suppliers who actually care about sustainability from inception to the end. For instance, one of the brands we stock for their herbal beauty blends, Poppy and Someday, have a little studio where they make all of their products and harvest around the area in California. We would’ve loved to have cut our carbon footprint to have only stocked London-based products, but what transcends is that even products that are close to us here have clocked up air miles aplenty in their production stage.

In our own way, we’re also trying our best to purify the air that we surround ourselves with. London is rife with pollution and toxins; we have a triple-pronged attack with filters installed, as well as oxidising green plants and air-purifying salt lamps, meaning that the air is great for asthma sufferers or anyone with breathing conditions. The idea behind the mechanics is that all of the hot air is collected and we reuse it to heat the space, so nothing is lost.

Image courtesy of Re:Mind Meditation Studio.

When it comes to sustainable living, you do have to pick your battlesI’ve spoken previously about my a three-year-old son, who often wants ice cream and copious amounts of toys. He doesn’t understand the concept of consumerism and the difference between white sugar and a natural sweetener, so I’m a little more relaxed with him – although I do try my best to control the volume!

For me, it’s been a long-time dream to run a retreat in the countryside. When Carla and I first opened the studio, we gave it 10 years until we started running retreats out of the city! We have a picture in our minds... Now, it's all about the power of visualisation!

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