Georgia Spray is the founder and brains behind Partnership Editions – a curated community and platform that works collaboratively with emerging creatives to unearth and spotlight accessibly-priced original artworks. Following six years in the professional art world, across institutions that span White Cube Gallery and Christies, Georgia founded Partnership Editions in 2017.

I’ve seen first-hand how corporate the art world can be: It’s a circular market, all being set by those within it. There are many things, however small, that go on unregulated. However, my years inside and as part of it were a great training.

Starting a business on your own is hard. I was lucky that I had an existing network of artists and a lot of friends who had started businesses themselves. It meant that I could draw on their advice and look to them for mentorship.

Moon Tulip, Julianna Byrne, £350. Click here to view on Partnership Editions.

Emotionally, it can be difficult to keep going. If you come up against something,  you might think it will be the thing that takes your business down. You don’t have someone to say, "It’s fine! Tomorrow is another day."

When something is your baby, you can’t not feel invested in it the whole time. I almost wish that I’d been bolder from the get-go, and not been afraid to reach out to other people. Because, I've now realised that everyone wants to help each other... Lots of people are starting businesses, and that’s a really great community. 

Sleeping Jack Russell, James Owens, £230. Click here to view on Partnership Editions.

In the future, I'd love to start bringing in "Guest Curators" – leaders in their fields – who may not necessarily be art curators, but who do have a really brilliant eye. They, in turn, will bring in people and artists who they think are really exciting. 

Without sounding lofty, Partnership Editions is something that I’ve been trying to do a little differently. Having those unique interactions with collectors and artists is really exciting: I’ve been in touch with people who have never been able to engage with art in the way that they do through this platform.

Midnight Palm, Rose Electra Harris, £380. Click here to view on Partnership Editions.

Click here to visit Partnership Editions; follow on Instagram at @partnershipeditions. Main image: Georgia in Jonathan Schofield's Studio, ©Appear Here.

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