We’ve all figured out how to dress for a video call whilst keeping comfy at home (think: work on the top, cosy’s on the bottom) and our beloved #facefurniture has certainly helped spice up a look. Through our fashion-tinted glasses, we like to think that the bigger is always better. And now that we’re in desperate need of some fresh inspo more than ever – confinement is as claustrophobic to our imaginations as it is our bodies – Shaun Leane’s latest tome has provided bounds of artistic jewellery resources to pull from.

A highly-skilled craftsman and an innovator, Shaun Leane delves into the history of his jewellery house that’s been running for over two decades. His illustrious designs and concepts have been at the forefront of fine jewellery for decades, and his jewels feature prominently in the permanent collections of leading museums and institutions. Divided into three parts, the books looks into his heritage and training by independent fine jewellery specialist Joanna Hardy, reflections of Leane's famous collaboration with Alexander McQueen are conducted by curator Claire Wilcox and his modern classic commercial jewellery style, by jewellery writer and historian, Vivienne Becker

Shaun Leane Jawbone, Shot By Rob Rusling

“2020 is an important year for me, both personally and professionally, marking both my 50th birthday and the 21st Anniversary of the House of Shaun Leane,” shared Leane. “It felt like an important moment to pause and reflect, bringing together images that have defined my career to date and the many collaborations that have shaped my practice.” Those images, photographed by Ann Ray, Nick Knight and Rob Rusling, display the electrifying energy that Leane’s jewellery evoked, and they’ll be kept in mind when we’re selecting our next set of Zoom appropriate earrings.

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