In the first week of the nation working from home and social distancing, it seems questionable to be highlighting an exhibit that we won't be able to view for some time now. But, with anxieties high and boredom levels (already) rising, this snippet of wondrous artwork can be an uplifting experience to look forward to, for when these quarantine times are over. 

Whether our bodies have been confined or not, the fashion Karl Lagerfeld created during his tenure at Chanel has always been a creative escape for our minds. One of the few, whose had a snippet into this world of creativity, is Karl's most trusted documentary photographer, Simon Procter. "If you bring your A game, he's a dream," shares Simon, commenting on what it was like to work with the designer, and by looking at how at ease the designer was in front of Simon's camera, the feeling was mutual.

Finally debuting in the UK, Lagerfeld: The Chanel Shows is an exhibit showcasing Simon Procter's photographic viewpoint of the designer's shows. For over a decade, Procter’s daring camerawork has captured the energy and essence of the Chanel shows, visually recreating the epic sets. "I try to concentrate on the [shows] wonder and not get distracted by details," shares Simon. "It’s quick; you have to feel it and then try and capture 2, maybe 3 possible threads that could end up being the piece. My favourite artworks are when I can create a point of view that sums up the whole moment, but in reality it was in fact physically impossible to have seen what I'm showing." His work ranges from capturing Karl prepping models backstage, to a show landscape consisting of multiples frames within a single image, but with all photographs showing the magic and spectacle of each Chanel runway. 

Simon's photography highlights the momental contribution that Karl gave to the industry, but he's still unsure as to what the designer's legacy will look like in the future. "That’s a big question, the answer to which will only become fully apparent over the next decade," Simon shares. "For me, I think it was his drive to be able to create week after week, year after year and never looking back. His manners, as well, are something many could learn from in the business." At time when our society seems to be changing at a rapid rate, it seems Simon's view of Karl's legacy could be something we learn from. Politeness and artistry are needed, and positive contributions to many disrupted routines, and when in the future, we're able to see Simon's photograph's in person, we can be thankful for doing that. 

Lagerfeld: The Chanel Shows exhibition is at the Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square from 18th March to June 30th.