Who’d have thought that after spending weeks putting myself through several week long experiences of trials and tribulations, that the next feature within this series would start as ‘I spent a month with’. But here we are, nearly two months into isolation and a month after I started Yoga with Kassandra.

Around the one month in lockdown marker, I was starting to question how I was going to keep my body moving without the setting of a fitness studio or gym. It was at this point that I trialled a week with IG workout classes, which would often result in me waking up the next day with aching muscles that were in dire need of a stretch. Yoga has probably been my longest standing hobby during my adult life, but my temperament ranges from doing one class a month to obsessing daily over perfecting Downward Dog as I try to stretch my horrifically tight hamstrings. So with a lot of time on my hands, and muscles that need lengthening, I jumped to the place everyone goes to when they try to better themselves on a budget, Youtube and browsed the multitude of yoga tutorials.

Now I didn’t go into this blind eyed; when I expressed my desire to flex and stretch, my good friend and fellow Yogi-in-training suggested I either try Yoga with Adrienne or Yoga with Kassandra. Yoga with Adrienne was one of the first suggestions when I searched ‘quick yoga’ – you can see that my years of prior yoga-ing hasn’t made me any more knowledgeable on its intricacies – and started with a ‘full body flow’. To give you some context, I’m 5f9.5 and I’m slightly out of proportion with legs a longer than my torso, which means that despite being in my mid-twenties, I still can’t touch my toes. Yoga has always been my spiritual journey to achieve said flexibility, and I approached this Youtube flow as my way of fulfilling this trivial task. However, as quickly as it had started, my journey with Adrienne came to an end. A class with Adrienne is like enduring a long journey with your chatty friend, for the most of it it’s enjoyable, but there comes a point when their incessant chatter becomes unbearable. I can imagine Adrienne to be the chatty friend; her approach to yoga, while being very much informative and meticulous, is also accompanied with her constant words of encouragement. I know it’s done in good will and for some it’s needed, but for me, yoga is a good opportunity for me to clear my mind of the jabber that often occupies it; I don’t need to hear it externally as well as internally.

So as quickly as I could do a Vinyasa flow, I converted to Kassandra and since, haven't looked back. As if she already knew of my non-committal nature to yoga, my move coincided with the start of her 30 day challenge, where we’re expected to do her 10 minute classes everyday for a month. 30 days later, I can say that I have committed and completed said challenge. If you’re new to yoga, or your relationship with it has been long lasting but without much labour (like me), this challenge is perfect for you. Starting relatively easy and getting progressively harder, these 10 minute exercises can slide into your daily routine without causing much interruption. Day by day, I’ve noticed myself improving and ultimately getting more confident with each move, which gives myself the credence to continue. Sadly, I still can’t touch my toes, or as I was semi-hoping, have been able to put my foot behind my head, but I now can see that patience, endeavour and belief (which I’ve been taught through this experience) will mean that I will eventually get there. I sound like a true Yogi after all. 

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