Amongst learning new languages and instrumentsthe Because team have been keeping their fingers busy by getting crafty with cooking. Despite the trials and tribulations that learning new can recipes entail, we’ve managed to whittle down our selection of culinary successes to some favourites that are so delectable, we couldn’t not share.

This week, our Publishing Assistant, Delia Wagner explains why this summer salad should be added to your dinner rotation.

During this lockdown we have all been confronted with some uncomfortable truths about ourselves. It might be that our morning commute is in fact not the real reason we skip out on the 8am gym class or like in my case that I have been profiting from people around me being great cooks for far too long. I have always been a very visual cook, meaning I can create award-worthy acai bowls but definitely not much else. So here we are, taking baby steps towards cooking full meals for my own impressive dinner parties (rather than just pouring the wine and keeping the guests entertained) as soon as the lockdown ends.

Since I have been cheating my way through making easy recipes look impressive, I was immediately sold on this Ottolenghi cookbook: Simple – that sounds about right. Written by the founder of one of my favourite London eateries, the pages of Simple are filled with deliciously easy recipes for any taste and colourful photographs, asking to be recreated. The recipe I picked for this week's magic trick is a tomato and bread salad with anchovies and capers.

A summertime classic with a twist, it combines all fresh ingredients for an easy early dinner in the garden, on the balcony or maybe just with the window wide open. Enjoyable warm or cold, It's also a great dish to bring to the next social distancing picnic - a real crowd pleaser.

All in all, I've come to the realisation that I might not be the world's best cook and that I owe a lot of people who have been feeding me for so long a big thank you, but also that it's never too late to learn. And until I have mastered the simultaneous engagement of multiple hobs I am happy to fake it till I make it and stick to beautifully delicious salads and acai bowls.

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Our favourite picks are below:

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