With a third lockdown in full swing, see how the Because team are spending their 'stay at home' days, from the comfortingly mundane tasks to bursts of productivity. 

Today's lockdown diary comes from project co-ordinator, Nasreen...

After allowing myself a little bit of a lie in, I kickstart my Saturday with morning yoga. Having successfully coxed my sister and brother-in-law into joining me, we all follow along with Travis Eliot's power flow classes, get our bodies moving and feel productive. Even if I spend the rest of the day lounging about, at least I can say that I did yoga, right?  

Time for some painting! If there's one thing I'm grateful for during all of this lockdown back and forth ambiguity is taking up new hobbies and actually sticking to them. I literally can sit at a desk, (try to) paint using gouache for hours and feel like I've ticked an "I accomplished something!" box. 

Is that Ru Paul's Drag Race on TV, you ask? Why, yes, it is. I'm simultaneously proud and ashamed to say that I completely binged the series last year. So, I thought it only right and fair to introduce the series to my sister's home and bring some good 'ole fashioned drag joy to a Saturday afternoon normally spent galavanting outside. I also keep the Nintendo Switch close by for good measure; to play when I need to feel like I'm "doing something" and not just watching TV...can you sense my theme here when it comes to getting through lockdown?

My fourth cup of tea but this time outside, 15 meters from the flat in a weird, sky garden-esque structure smack bang in the middle of the apartment block car park. It's the perfect escape for fresh air without flouting any lockdown rules. 

Fast-forward to the evening to spare you all the food photos – it'll be on Instagram, where it belongs. If painting is my lockdown activity then baking is my sister's. All kinds of baking concoctions have been happening since I got stuck here in Chester pre-lockdown and I couldn't be more pleased to be filling my belly with heartwarming treats. On this evening, we made an ube and matcha milk-bread and it was bliss. As for the rest of the night? Easy – movie, wine, cheese and we're ready to do it all over again the next day. 

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