Despite what you may have thought, Ganni, the Danish brand we all know and love, launched at the beginning of the millennium. Surprisingly considering their undeniable success, it wasn't until they were at least ten years in that they started receiving the international recognition that they have today. From heavyweights in the fashion world to A-list celebrities, their playful designs are worn by almost anyone, and their widespread appeal is something many brands aim to achieve. And whilst you may think you know the brand, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Launching on Friday, Ganni: Gimme More is the compendium that deep dives into it's boldly coloured and zebra printed universe. Inside you can find a photo essay of Ganni's hometown of Copenhagen by long-time collaborator Ana Kraš, alongside a conversation with creative director Ditte Reffstup; an editorial of the brand's New York friends and family by Richie Shazam; a reflection on sustainability and the future of fashion by founder Nicolaj Reffstrup; a collage of their most notorious house parties; an essay celebrating what it means to be a Ganni Girl by Susie Lau (aka. Susie Bubble); and a photography story captured by Jackie Landvik of the Ganni Girl community, who have been by the brand's side over the past decade. All of the world class photographers, stylists, designers and artists that are found within are considered to be part of Ganni's global family, and this monograph – a first from the the brand – makes you feel like you're a member of it too. 

GANNI: Gimme More is published by Rizzoli and launches on 29th October 2021. 

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