This month sees a new exhibition open at the Connolly Salon from London-based artist Suzy Murphy. Known for her hazy and sketch-like depictions of life spent on the road in sprawling landscapes across North America, Suzy continues to capture the subconscious with Feet On the Ground Head in the Clouds.

"This collection began, perhaps, in an unusual way as it was never intended originally for a show. It started with an idea for my friend’s daughter, who was turning 21, " Suzy explains. But what started as a piece of life advice inspired 3 sculptures, 18 paintings and 6 jewellery pieces. The recurring motifs (including feet and a cloud echoing the title) feel childlike in nature but hint at a deeper meaning. "
The Tree is also subconsciously me. My landscapes really are autobiographical more than anything. I use the Tree and its surroundings to express my inner world. These are emotional landscapes and I use the Tree to convey my place within them," says Suzy. Whilst the message is to stay grounded but keep dreaming, Suzy encourages viewers to "make their own emotional responses to what they view." Just as each piece is hand-crafted and unique, so is the interpretation.

The deceptively simple sculptures and jewellery have received a lot of love as they passed through the hands of not only Suzy but the care and expertise of many craftsmen and women. The process was a collaborative one, from the early stages that used a 'lost old wax process' to the fittings and gold-plating for the jewellery. When asked why she employs multiple mediums, Suzy offers a reflection on her work: "I believe my work is stronger for having different mediums in my practice. It helps to build a more individual way of working and creating a language that’s distinctly mine."

Feet On the Ground Head in the Clouds is now open at the Connolly Salon and runs until the 5th January 2022.  Check out more on their website too!

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