Access to art has always been up for debate - sometimes the entrance to museums, despite them being free for all (most in the UK, in any case), can be an intimidating threshold to cross. Yet culture thrives through artists' creativity and creation and so anything that brings art outside of the four walls of gallery and museum spaces is another step towards universal access.

A new book by publisher Gestalten celebrates unique experiences found in non-traditional locations. Writer Grace Banks highlights surprising landings for sculptures and artworks, whether in the forests of Finland to the Las Vegas desert. Flipping through the pages will fill your heart with wanderlust, and take the thoughtful juxtaposition of artworks in situ outside of the Instagram square and into something collectible you can revisit through the hardback book.

Fresh air and art  - the perfect combo.

Art Escapes: Hidden Art Experiences Outside the Museum: Hidden Art Experiences Outside the Museums is now on sale


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