In need of some light, colour therapy while the sun is not quite out in London? Though if any of you caught the pink skies at the beginning of the week, you'll fully understand what magical properties colour in beautiful forms can bring to one's psyche.

So - if we can't look up in the sky for guaranteed light, why not visit Mayfair's Galerie kreo and their newest exhibition featuring the studio Barber Osgerby and their first solo exhibition for the gallery, Signals. It's a celebration of "engineered craft", a seeming contrast of positions that come to meet within Barber Osgerby's practice of working in dualities and in handcrafted precision. 

Their press release perhaps expresses this best: "Each lamp in the collection is the product of a series of dualities: two materials, two geometries and two contrasting fabrication methods. The body of each piece is constructed from hand-formed, colourful aluminium box sections. From these restrained, orthogonal structures bloom large conical glass shades. Mouth-blown in the Venini workshops of Murano in the Venetian lagoon, whose delicate, translucent colour is subject to endless variation, according to the thickness of the glass."

Signals exhibition is open in Galerie kreo's London gallery until April, find out where to visit HERE