It's going to be quite the weekend, isn't it?

In celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, quintessential British stalwart Burberry will be an official partner in the festivities commemorating her 70 years of service and it's going to be full-on. The flurry of activity includes a release of an exclusive scarf, hosting two outdoor installations and launching a children’s artwork campaign, all flung across different locations in the city.

The silk scarf depicts a mirrored, woodsy landscape, with a print full of lush yew trees and birds corresponding with the four British nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for those of you needing a memory refresh!). Burberry’s Superbloom installation, which sees the planting of 20 million wildflower seeds at the Tower of London, will also feature a floating meadow located in the River Thames. Yeah. You read that right!

The floating meadow of 5,000 plants places the message emphasis on the protection of biodiversity and urgency to act in the climate crisis, so the Superbloom concept not only aims to celebrate but educate too. Interested in creating your own meadow? Maps will be given out detailing guided steps of how to DIY your own green space at home.

The Art Wall, created in partnership with digital artist Jon Emmony, presents an idyllic landscape to incite creatives to think beyond boundaries. Inspired by Elizibethian tapestries, this scene illustrates a hopeful future of the intersectionality between technology and the nature that surrounds us.

Lastly, a children’s artwork campaign will be displayed throughout over 80 bus stops in Westminster, displaying the genuine artwork from a workshop hosted at Armley Park Primary School in Leeds by the brand. So you can catch one, if not all, of our Queen's beloved trench brand's activations during what will surely be a huge celebration this unique moment.

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