If you’re looking to make a house a home, you might want to look at these newly launched carpets from Nordic Knots in collaboration with NY-based ARJE.  It's always a delight to witness two creative powerhouses join their strengths and approach to craft, and here we have two husband-and-wife duos in the form of Fabian Berglund and Liza Laserow from Nordic Knots with ARJÉ's Bessie Afnaim and Oliver Corral.

Nordic Knots has grown its fan base for its cosy rugs which are hand-knotted in India by highly skilled craftspeople in ethical conditions. They partner with Good Weave (who work to permanently stop child labor in global supply chains) to ensure that the working conditions in which the rugs are made are of high standard and that they are only produced by highly skilled adult artisans. The organisation also supports the education of children in India who grow up in rug-making communities, to put an end to child labour in the industry. 

Ok - so we can now confidently put responsible sourcing and making to one (knowing) side; on to the aesthetics which, let's face it, are just delightful.  Bessie Afnaim Corral, Co-founder ARJÉ told us, "The concept for the collection was built from the ground up on a shared discovery of finding home - within oneself, within friendship, and love. Home doesn’t begin with a building or a place - we each have our concept of home to find and carry within ourselves, one that comes from a deeper source, as warm as the light from the sun itself." Earthy neutrals like ‘antique whites’ and dusky hues, will make your room feel like a safe haven, as they should be.

"Our sunkissed rug is bold and rich, coloured in ochre, the oldest natural pigment in the world, creating this beautiful yet powerful grounding energy for a room. 'Face' is the starting point of energy and inspiration, and literally feels like sunlight under your feet - a perfect way to start each day!" Corral shares.

Liza Laserow, Co-founder Nordic Knots agrees. "Rugs have many great qualities, one (that we Scandinavians are very much aware of) is their insulating capabilities and how they protect us from the cold floors in the north. The shaggy 'Face' rug in a warm and fiery ochre is what you need in the morning when you step out of bed: a soft rug full of energy that "grounds" you, both physically and spiritually. The rich texture combined with the deep and vibrant colour of the 'Face' rug also gives the entire room a sun-drenched feeling and shade."

These Nordic Knots X Arje carpets bring sunshine into any room. Coming in multiple sizes (140x200cm, 170x240cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm) whether you are in a studio flat to an expansive multi-story home, these will make any space a home. 

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