Is there any better solution to a problem in your day than a cup of tea? Well, maybe. But for the team at Because, that cuppa is paramount. 

And so to find a new purveyor of tea - on our tastebuds that is, having launched a little while ago - in the form of the Persian Apothecary is a very exciting moment. Sheyda Monshizadeh-Azar has created a collection of teas based on her memories of Iran - and with names such as Reading Hafez in Shiraz, A Taste of Cherry, The Air By The Caspian, you can already tell that these teas are meant to evoke something, from your tongue to your heart.

The teas are available at Selfridges and this month, they have pride of place on a trolley with Samovar, the traditional teapot of the East. Our favourite? Driving in Tehran for its earthy, delicious mouthfeel and scent.

Shop them here below!