Last week, the British Fashion Council announced a major investment from the UK Government that could become the largest sustainability program within the fashion industry. The the 10 year Fashion Industry Sustainable Change Programme outlines the need for the first industry-led Centre of Excellence, housed within the BFC’s Institute of Positive Fashion to convene industry including designers, retailers, manufacturers, academia and broader stakeholders including partnership bodies UK Fashion and Textiles (UKFT) and British Retail Consortium (BRC). Yeah - for the taxpayer and consumer, it's a lot to get our heads around what it actually means and who is actually involved, BUT the broad outlines are exciting and positive.

The programme’s vision is to deliver world-leading, recycling infrastructure at the city level  that prioritizes regeneration and innovation, investment in skills, all of which should embrace new business models focused on circularity. This main goal of building a circular system for the fashion industry would will mean a complete overhaul of age-old systems new ones that will drive UK IP through design and innovation and immediately reduce the impact on the planet.

Iniatiatives would drastically reduce the fashion industry’s waste contribution and for an industry that is the third largest polluter of our world. An estimated £80 million over 10 years is required in funding from the British government, and will lead to more jobs as an entire new sector
of remaking clothes is created, conscious fashion where every fabrics life span is taken full advantage of, and a better ecological footprint for everyone.

While it was disconcerting to see many of our fashion leaders having to stand tall next to a Prime Minister who has let down the UK in every other respect, it is hopeful to see that this government is laying down the groundwork and investing for the future of the fashion industry, a huge contributor to the UK's overall economy.