The theory goes that no matter how tired, sallow and sleep-deprived you look, a good earring can entirely elevate your look, mood and make the world seem sparkly again. Luckily, statement earrings have been a consistent trend the last few seasons and we’re running out of reasons not to start building a serious collection of our own. So then, take a seat and let us introduce you to three types of life changing ear decorations – you can thank us later.

The Droplet

First up is the droplet, whether you choose to wear it as a string of dangling pearls, coloured stones or shiny golden circles, it's a piece that manages to balance refined sophistication with avant-garde cool. Cornelia Webb’s take on the design, as seen above, does this with ease – the metallic golden brass is sliced into a line of increasingly smaller shapes to give it a waterfall effect as it runs down the neck.

The Hoop

The humble hoop can come in a wealth of shapes and sizes, from huge door knockers to tiny rings that fit snugly around the lobe. We vote the bigger the better, and this pair, from CF Concept, are a welcome addition to our collection. With their shiny gold plated body and chunky shape, they’ll liven up any look.


The Show Stopper

If you’re looking to really make a statement with your earrings then searching for a pair that will literally turn heads is a must. Jewellery designer Paula Mendoza is a master at this, her earrings, always large and intriguing, often blend curious, asymmetrical shapes with a luxurious gold finish. 

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