Gin and tonic. Mac and cheese. Socks and sandals.

The best things in life come in pairs – and the dynamic duo behind 16ARLINGTON are yet another compelling case in point.

Though originally from Italy, Marco Capaldo and Federica (‘Kikka’) Cavenati met at university in London, where they both still call home. Living proof that opposites really do attract, the twosome’s label – named in homage to their first shared studio – was sprung out of the melting-pot middle-ground between Kikka’s tendency towards Scandinavian minimalism and Marco’s eye for heavy embellishment. If you're scared of glamour, this isn't a brand to toy with...

To discover what makes their differences quite so complementary, we spoke to Marco and Kikka about the 16ARLINGTON aesthetic, and how their contrasting approaches have combined to become a recipe for success.

Given your unique position as Italians in London, what do you think are the style personalities of each place?
The way that women dress in London is very different to anywhere else in the world; the London woman has this natural ability to extract the best trends, play with them and create a wardrobe that is a cocktail of incredible pieces. There is a freedom in her approach that works, and it’s really refreshing. 

K: You often see the London girl wearing the latest runway looks, integrating them with emerging talent, then mixing this with treasures that she’s found in Portobello Market. It somehow all works; it is definitely a result of the cultural hub that is London. Italians are all for exuberance – they have a love for life and are extremely passionate. The parallel in the London woman’s way of dress and the Italian woman’s way of life is very obvious to us. 

How would each of you describe the other’s aesthetic?
Marco is intrigued by the craftsmanship and ‘architecture’ of a garment. He loves to study couture techniques and look back at how things used to be done. Marco is like a magpie! Anything that sparkles and glitters will catch his eye… I put up our Christmas tree, and Marco decorates it!

M: Kikka’s personal style is very inspiring. She has a way of making even the simplest pieces have a WOW factor. Her design approach is very considered, with lots of clean lines and sharp tailoring. Kikka has a real passion for ready-to-wear and is excited by how even the simplest of daywear pieces can manifest into something extraordinary after hours. She herself has the natural ability and flare to do just that.

Despite the differences in your personal tastes, the final look of 16ARLINGTON is cohesive and in sync… Who is it that you design for?
M & K:
The 16ARLINGTON woman doesn’t conform to a particular age group, occupation, or way of life. Our women all share the same attitude and sense of fun – her life is a party and everyone is invited!

Each collection starts with a strong muse in mind. For SS18, we looked at Edie Sedgwick. Using incredibly iconic women as our starting point naturally filters into the attitude of the garments and nurtures the confidence that we want them to bring to the wearer.

Our aim is to stay true to our design vision. Every day is an exciting new adventure – and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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