Beach holiday or summer in the cityCaroline Constas has made a name for herself as the designer that nails any and every effortless-chic dress code. Nonchalant, off-the-shoulder and deconstructed shirts – now a signature – filled a void we didn’t know existed, and we’re getting a serious case of déjà vu as she welcomes in her first wave of jewellery.

Inherently true to her cult aesthetic of gingham poplin fabric, Cambridge stripes and ruffled trims aplenty, each dangly duo champions summer’s statement bijoux game, joining a battle cry for artful accessorising

As they take up their spot in our #FaceFurniture Hall of Fame, we ask Caroline why this summer was the right time to unleash her tantalising treasures upon the world.

Your heritage is something that you often reference in your ready-to-wear collections. What are your early memories of jewellery?
Spending my summers in Greece – where jewellery is a huge part of the culture – undoubtedly had a big impact on me growing up. I have fond memories of walking through the Monastiraki neighbourhood as a child and being fascinated by all of the jewellery shops. In fact, if I really think about it, jewellery is something that I’ve always wanted to do.

My father is Greek and my mother is American – and it’s this combined heritage that makes up the DNA of the brand. I’ve always incorporated Greek touches into my ready-to-wear, and I’m carrying these into my jewellery via the signature motif of Alexander The Great.

Comparing New York and Greece then… How does the relationship to jewellery differ between the two?
The Greeks are very skilled artisans. Crafting jewellery is an old practice that’s taught and passed down through generations – sadly though, it’s a skill that’s now starting to die out. You don’t have as many skilled workers as you did, say, 50 years ago, because mass production means that manufacturing is moving overseas.

The person I’m collaborating with in New York works in a similar way to the ancient techniques that the Greeks use and used, but they work to a higher capacity in terms of units produced.

Why was now the right time for you to try your hand at jewellery?
Jewellery is a completely different beast to ready-to-wear. It brings another channel to the brand, hitting that sweet-spot price point and so providing a new entry route for my customer.

The wonderful thing about jewellery is that you’ve got more versatility. Unlike clothing, you can wear the same look day in and day out with zero qualms. People love investing for exactly that reason!

Initially, it was a challenge to find the resources and navigate the manufacturing process, but once we found the right people, it became really exciting. I found the research and development part the most interesting – I loved watching my ideas work in practice and forming relationships with the products.

How did that feed into the aesthetic? What is the mood of the resulting collection?
Like our ready-to-wear, the collection is sensual, sophisticated and cosmopolitan. That’s really what it represents – and that’s precisely who our woman is!

I’ve always been into statement earrings (way before it became the craze!); earrings really lend themselves to this brand, because we have a lot of off-the-shoulder necklines.

We’ve covered some in gingham and stripes – both synonymous with the brand’s ready-to-wear aesthetic – but we’ve also introduced a palm tree print, which going by feedback has actually ended up being one of the most successful looks.

I’ve learned that you really don’t know anything for sure until you try. In this business, it’s all about trial and error. 

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