Recently, I’ve been singing the praises of season-transitioning wardrobe staples – namely, the countless virtues of versatile shoes that are as practical in feel as their looks are polished.

However, what to wear when the weather warrants a combination of protection, practicality, light ease and serious style? Faced with the dilemma, I decided that my main investment this season would be a lightweight coat – something that deflects the majority of the forecast’s chilly punches, but won’t leave me cooking when the sun finally makes an appearance.

Caroline wears Vince tan suede trenchcoat and Álvaro Arpia sandals.

Vince’s tan suede trenchcoat fits the bill convincingly, and makes for a refreshing alternative to the gabardine iterations we’ve grown fully familiar with. Because it's sleek, slim and supple, it’s everything adaptable outerwear should be; leave it open and loose, or knot it tightly for a great silhouette.

Caroline wears Vince tan suede trenchcoat and Álvaro Arpia sandals.

In such elegant company, I’ll happily employ a pair of open-toe sandals to bring a kick of summery ‘Yin’ to the otherwise autumnal ‘Yang’. Álvaro Gonzalez proves time and time again that heel-free pairings needn’t fall flat in the style stakes, and a twining tie-up twosome like this velvet Arpia style will lend just enough detail to a topcoat that, when all’s said and done, requires very little extra.

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