We shudder to think where our wardrobes would be without & Other Stories.

Now a mainstay of any self-respecting Londoner's high street portfolio – utterly enshrined into the sartorial psyche – it beggars belief that this Paris-meets-Stockholm-meets-Los Angeles lifestyle giant has only been on the radar for five short years. How time flies!

In honour of the brand's birthday, we speak to its Head of Co-Labs, Anna Nyrén, to celebrate what made & Other Stories the power player it is today. Plus, we pick the presents that you can buy (for yourself) to mark the occasion!

'If They Could Vitamin-C Me Now'

Five years on… What have been & Other Stories’ proudest moments?
It’s been an amazing journey, which means it’s almost impossible to answer the question! The opening of our very first store on Regent Street was a huge milestone – we were extremely proud and nervous at the same. I feel very blessed to have worked with such a wide array of talented and empowering women.

'Purple & Green Should Always Been Seen'

So, what does the future hold?
This year alone we have so many things coming up, such as two new market launches in Kuwait and Austria. Another project that’s close to my heart is adding haircare to our Beauty offering. We’ll connect this to our Los Angeles Design Atelier, as we already have ranges inspired by our other hometowns - Paris and Stockholm. This is being co-developed with the LA-based celebrity hair stylist, Kylee Heath; this award season, Kylee has been styling Nicole Kidman’s hair using our products!

'Checking Out My Leopard Print?'

What is it that & Other Stories provides that we couldn’t find elsewhere?
Working from three different cities – Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles – creates a mixture of styles that speak to so many different people. We’ve had the luxury of working with extraordinary women who stand for personal style and female power, such as Iris Apfel, Hari Nef, Lena Dunham, and Zana Bayne – just to name a few! We grow from collaborating with others, and hope that our customers grow with us by getting something special that they can feel confident in wearing.

We believe that the fashion scene is broadening its wings outside of traditional fashion weeks and rigid seasonal thinking, adapting to a different landscape. That process sheds a new light on fashion creativity. Offering a broad variety in our collections and inspiration has always been our guiding light. We’re not about dos or don’ts or dictating fashion trends; it’s a great compliment to us if a piece from our first collection is still the number one favorite in a customer’s wardrobe.

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