Back in Blighty, fresh from our fleeting jaunt to Paris for show season, haute couture is on the brain – and, while we’re distanced from the runways of France, we’re turning our attentions to the exquisite craftsmanship that’s going on in our very own Capital, starting with Maison Cruz Bueno (London’s self-proclaimed ‘best kept secret’) and its ornamental party plus-ones.

Dinky in proportion (packing light is the name of the game here!), with fine, feather embellishments and a generous helping of sparkle via delicate, hand-embroidered geometric brocade and droplets of crystal, these numbers dial-up the glamour on demand and come into their own in the company of elegant eveningwear

What are you waiting for? The ball awaits! 

Click here to lay the foundations for your very own bespoke collection of Maison Cruz Bueno.

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