In matters of both the heart and fashion, I’ve lost count of the number of times that folk (be they well-meaning relatives or sartorial aficionados) have touted the ‘opposites attract’ adage at me – a platitude that’s as easily applied to an out-out top and scuffed jeans as it is to a prospective romance between yourself and Mr Hyde.

It’s one that I’ve never fully subscribed to. For me, matches that are truly made in heaven are precisely that: A match. Shouldn’t-wouldn’t-couldn’t combinations are, in my limited experience, rarely successful beyond the first few dalliances (style-related or otherwise); meanwhile, the pairs that invariably stand the test of time appear to have been destined for one another from the word ‘go’.

Designers are certainly experimenting with this route for SS19 – a continuation, perhaps, of the matchy-matchy boots and dress trend that Caroline Issa championed last Fall. The new rule? Pair your bag precisely to whatever print or fabric you’re wearing elsewhere.

From Left to Right... Self Portrait SS19; Marine Serre SS19; Michael Kors Collection SS19; Tory Burch SS19.

Looking ahead to the Spring/Summer season, I’m anticipating that Self Portrait’s geometric designs and graphic florals, reworked as both accessories and floaty frocks, will be a real hit with its city-chic customer; Marine Serre’s politically charged version of the trend will make a powerful and cohesive statement on all fronts; a relaxed yet refined take on seasonal dressing (by way of Tory Burch’s deckchair-striped duos) will score big in resort-faring wardrobes; and Michael Kors Collection’s sensory whack of all-over colour will incite the excitement of beachtime jollies, care of hothouse hold-alls and jubilant day dresses.

Abigail wears Versace: 

The good news here, is that you needn’t rest on your laurels waiting (im)patiently for this trend to come to fruition: The Fall season is already throwing must-have matches into the mix, piling on treat after treat for connoisseurs of coordination to fully get their teeth into. Donatella Versace riffed on punkish plaid, leaving no garment of her FW18 collection unchecked – in every sense of the word – and teamed tartan-trimmed totes with a uniform that would make Cher Horowitz proud.

Abigail wears Versace. 

Hannah Weiland’s Shrimps relied on her signature faux fur formula to launch a Gertrude Stein-quirky take on themes of romance, via voluminous fluffy layers that came partnered by equally tactile accessory counterparts. If you’ve been looking for a sartorial partnership that packs a hella’ lorra’ heart, your search ends here...

Abigail wears Shrimps:

Abigail wears The Vampire's Wife.

The Vampire’s Wife – a.k.a. Susie Cave – went further down the fairytale route, interpreting the brief into The Cinderella Dress by way of molten metallic chiffon; meanwhile, her handmade accompaniment, The Veneration Bag, promises to gild an already-golden lily. (If you can find an ensemble that packs more 24-karat elegance per inch, I’ll eat my sequinned boots!)

Let’s be clear. I’m not suggesting that you forsake all contrast and clash-ical whimsy in your wardrobe – nor am I blanket betting that opposites can and will never attract. All I'm saying is that, if you think you’re seeing double this season and the next, it’s probably because you are!

Meet your match. Shop the Coordinated Trend here:


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