Reverting to a child-like state of imagination in which anything is possible, Sandra Sandor of Nanushka pondered the possibilities of time travel for her brand’s first foray into Pre-Fall territory.

On a day-dream train, her woman journeys through time; she rides as far back to 1930 and explores the Far East’s silk and satin textures; she moves forwards to 1950s Paris to soak up the resurgence of couture; and then, goes on to London in the 1970s to get stuck into the thick of youth subculture. Rich with intercultural references, this journey culminates in the Nanushka Pre-Fall collection.

We met Sandra to learn more…

What can we expect of Nanushka?
Functionality and comfort is at the core of each offering – but that needn’t mean a compromise on style! My overarching interest is how to strike a balance between practicality and panache throughout all of my practice as a designer (my thesis even examined the sweet spot between style and comfort), so it’s certainly what I pride the brand on doing well.

The modern, professional woman wants and needs to feel comfortable and confident to take on the world – and, at the end of the day, the clothes we end up getting the most use from are the ones we feel best in.

You’ve gradually introduced new shades and hues to your neutral collections. What’s fueling that decision?
I love balancing out a colour story with neutrals, or introducing pops of colour here and there. It’s funny – if you look back to the beginning of Nanushka, all you’ll see is monochrome. I had a whole era where I couldn’t imagine using colour! Now, I’m bringing in references from the Far East combining it with the West via Berlin in the 90s.

Material-wise, you’re also an advocate of vegan leather. Why is that?
I choose to work with vegan leather because it feels like real nappa, but it comes without the harm to the environment. On top of being eco-friendly, it’s also washable! Apart from the embossed jackets (which flatten when they go for a ‘swim’), you can throw the leather pieces in at 30 degrees and the dry-time is really quick, too.

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