Parisian insouciance is a universal visual language; it’s a je ne sais quoi attitude and aesthetic that defies explanation, yet boasts all of the myriad connotations of ‘chic' and then some. It's one that Morgane Sezalory’s lauded French fashion destination, Sézane, encapsulates right down to the finest details.

A love letter to Paris in style, the digital-native brand has been a firm favourite (if 800k Instagram followers are anything to go by) since its online inception five years ago, and now, as it enters its next stage of evolution – extending its portfolio of bricks-and-mortar spaces to include our Capital – we’re sitting down with Morgane to discover where it all began and where it's going next…

How did your path lead you to where you are now with Sézane? 
It all started when I was 18 at the turn of the internet; I started selling vintage on eBay, blind to the fact that it was the beginning of my professional life. I never decided that I was going to do a fashion brand per se, it’s one of those things that just happened. 

I created my own website, ‘Les Composantes’, which was a curation of 100 pieces-per-month that would sell out in minutes… However, people didn’t take any of it seriously really, because launching a fashion brand online was unheard of at the time!

What drew you towards a bricks-and-mortar retail space? Why was Notting Hill a good fit for the brand?
A physical store is an entry point for people to meet the brand. We want to offer our customers the chance to mix and discover; the idea isn’t to sell masses of things in-store, it’s more about sharing the energy and inspiration with the world.

We’ll never open a lot of spaces. Notting Hill felt right for our first store in London, as it’s the pocket of the city that I know the best – plus, it’s where our customers asked us to come as there’s a big French community. When I saw this little house, I instantly knew that it was right! It’s a very organic process; the place always comes to us.

Where do you find inspiration, season upon season?
Women! It all begins with how I feel and how the women around me feel. The first idea of Sézane is to make women feel perfect and completely comfortable with themselves; I think it’s very important that clothes make you feel good in yourself and in your mind.

I’ve created my own little world… It’s my escape, that allows me to live the best side of life.
 The brand is a place where everyone is welcome.

Visit Sézane at 233 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, W11 2SE. Can’t wait? Shop Sézane online, here:

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