What? In collaboration with & Other Stories, jewellery designer, Mia Larsson, has hand-crafted a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces made from silver and oyster shells.

Why? Sourced from a seafood restaurant in Stockholm, Mia's blue-sky thinking  gives otherwise waste a new creative lease of life. 

In line with changing consumer attitudes around 
conscious consumption, and following suit from sustainable design stalwarts like Phoebe English and Bethany Williams, highstreet retailers are slowly but surely rethinking their ethical and environmentally-friendly stances. We’ve seen Topshop unveil a vegan footwear collection alongside its ban on exotic skins, and Asos, Zara, H&M, Gap and Topshop collectively pledge to ban mohair – with Asos also ditching feathers, cashmere, fur and silk.

Another retailer leading this change is & Other Stories with an overall sustainable ethos across their fashion and beauty. They offer an in-store recycling program for their beauty packaging, and they seek to repurpose pre-loved textiles as insulation material for the construction materials industry and carpet underlay among other things.

In keeping with this ethos comes a delicious limited-edition collaboration with Swedish jewellery designer, Mia Larsson, of seven pieces.

Crafted from recycled silver and oyster shells from a seafood restaurant in Stockholm, the collection of rings, earrings, a hairclip and a necklace is entirely recyclable and decomposable.The shell material was initially used for sustainable reasons for my master’s exam, when I needed to find a smart sustainable organic material that was a leftover and decomposable,” explains Mia.

“We decided that I should collect the shells from restaurants and treat each shell in my studio and the silver would be handcrafted in India out of my prototypes. I showed sketches first and then samples, so we developed the collection together. It was a very fun, fluid and open process. It is such a smart material and part of such a good cycle – food, good nutrition, meals and festivities that bring people together and then leaving beautiful waste for jewellery.”

Meanwhile, to compliment the jewellery offering with a head-to-toe sustainable look, & Other Stories’ Stockholm design atelier has also designed a capsule collection from TENCEL, organic cotton and recycled polyester – with the highlights an oversized linen blazer, organic cotton shorts and a plissé pleated mini dress in a recycled polyester. Bravo!

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