There are two schools of people in the world: Those who know how to dress for the cold (I’m looking at you, Caroline!), and those who don’t. Annually, and without fail, I'll find myself amongst the latter.

Chalk it up to the plunging mercury or the sporadic flurries of snowfall, there’s just something about this time of year that causes me to forget the basics of daily outfitting.

Ensembles that, mere weeks ago, I would never have contemplated, all of a sudden prove irresistible amidst my seasonal brain freeze... That, or I’ll resort to wearing the same pair of jeans and humongous jumper – day in, day out, ad infinitum!

Until now.

Because, and to those of you who share my predicament, salvation is at hand... It’s called the Winter Co-Ord.

Abigail wears shirt and skirt by A.W.A.K.E. Mode; boots by Dorateymur.

When brain power is at an all-time low, unapologetically matchy separates are the closest things you’ll get to wardrobe perfection; even better if you plump for prints that proffer the illusion of making an effort. (I won’t tell if you don’t!)

Give yourself a break, chaps. Getting to the end of January is a struggle enough without throwing an obstacle of outfit curation into the mix.

Abigail wears top and skirt by Warehouse; boots by Dorateymur.

After all, between feline motifs, reptilian graphics and intarsia knits that are as classic as they come, there’s a more-than-ample supply of prints in the world to satiate anyone and everyone’s appetite for easy elegance.

Look to longer silhouettes that’ll provide protection from the elements (bonus points go to those pairings that boast a turtleneck up top) – anchoring them, natch, with chic, flat boots for navigating icy terrains.

Abigail wears jumper and skirt by Pringle of Scotland; boots by Dorateymur; base layer by Tibi.

We can’t all be an expert at dressing for the winter. However, armed with a cold-weather co-ord, we can certainly do a pretty convincing impression of being one!

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