In the heart of Mayfair, Alice Temperley’s flagship store dominates the breadth of Bruton Street. Spreading over 4 stories, the Grade II listed building is the home of Temperley London, as well as their AW20 presentation. What to expect from Alice this season? “Imagine it, we’re going to turn the shop into a club.” She’s ready to shake things up.

Opting for presentations, rather than the conventional catwalk, Alice can use the format to explore her creativity. This season, dancers were gyrating around the store to the sound of 50s music, keeping in fit with the jazz inspired collection. As well as the artistic freedom presentations give, the output of social media, amps up the pressure to have to put on a performance. “Now social media has taken over you can kind of do anything, anywhere and it doesn't matter if those 200, 400 people weren't at the show because, it's everywhere.” 

Since starting her brand 20 years ago and being born in the pre-Instagram days that we’ve quickly become accustomed too, Alice has made sure it’s something her brand has kept up with, noticing the importance of social media with customers buying choices. “Everyone is not just buying online, they’re looking at brands online. Even when I wanna look at a jewellery company or a shoe company, quick, I think ‘let's check Instagram’.” She says, “it means you can tell a story, so rather than having to pay for advertising print, you can put on videos and moving, detailed shots, and those are things that respond best for us. It just gives a reality to the brand, rather than ‘oh just another airbrushed picture in a magazine’.” 

And to the process of making Temperley London more accessible to those Instagram viewers, has become a reality. This is the second season where the brand is focusing more on accessible price points, with 70% of the collection being daywear. This is also the season that Temperley London accessories are being reintroduced. “I like really functional bags, so if I have a bag I will wear it, wear it and wear it. I'm not really into a fashion-y type bag, I like utilitarian bags, like mens, or like satchels.” Her bags, in muted shades of brown, forest green and black are an example of how creative and innovative design can still give purpose. “I have these, sort of wallet-y bags… You have the phone in the front and it opens up into a total wallet. You've got all of the compartments on the inside. It's totally, totally functional.” Her practical approach to fashion is in a bid to try to make things last. Even with Temperley bridal-wear, Alice is determined to fit this shift, designing jumpsuits as well as dresses in other, unconventional wedding dress shades. “It's just really nice, because they are timeless pieces that people can wear again and again, and I know not everyone has an opportunity for a white party to just throw it on.”

Despite the current fears and uncertainties that Coronavirus has brought on us - Alice rightly points out, “‘Oh we’ll be back at work on monday’. But what if you’re not back at work on Monday?”, Temperley London is looking towards the future happily. “I’m absolutely desperate once we get through this coronavirus, half term, the shows,” and a much needed period of rest, “to work with my amazing team and my CEO on other exciting brand extensions. If you think of Temperley, it’s not just clothing, it’s more than that. So putting in the homeware, glass and tableware. Putting in the kids eventually. The nightwear and of course, jewellery. I want to bring in lots of other things that are suitable, once everything’s settled down.” We’ll be waiting in anticipation.

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