What… the Janis jacket by La Fetiche

Why… cosiness comes in multi-colour

The Janis is a quilted patchwork of references. Workwear, block printing, folk wear, art references... this jacket contains in its construction the sort of bricolage of influences independent label La Fetiche is known for, but imbued with a minimalist vibe.

Founded in 2017 by designers April Crichton and Orély Forestier who met working at Sonia Rykiel, La Fetiche has an irreverent appeal and cross-pollination of ideas. April is based in Scotland, while Orély stayed in Paris. The combination of their prefrences has thrown up classic pieces spliced with bold colourways and pattern (and all made with the utmost care and craftsmanship), which has always been refreshingly honest.

Wear this with jeans or on top of a tailored suit to add some play. Embrace the organised chaos. 

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